Aircraft Specialties Services is your partner when it comes to keeping costs down and staying competitive in this complex and often aggressive industry.

Aircraft Specialties Services has served the General Aviation community for over 40 years. During that time, it’s been our mission to find ways to keep maintenance costs down for the mechanics, owners, and overhaul facilities, without compromising quality.

Discounted Pricing on New Parts With Machine Shop Work!

The Best Price You’ll Find On Aircraft Cylinders Anywhere!

Let our sales team take care of ordering parts with just a few questions. When you need parts overhauled, send all of them to us! You can even ship your crankcase with your steel parts, (crankshaft, counterweights, camshaft, rods, rocker arms, lifters, gears).

We offer significant savings to our machine shop customers with the purchase of new parts. If you have parts being serviced by our machine shop, you will automatically qualify for special pricing on new parts. These discounts can save you hundreds on each overhaul. Plus, having all of your parts, both new and overhauled, shipped to one place means consolidated shipping costs. And, if requested, we can palletize your shipment and have it ready for a freight company of your choosing. This, again, could save hundreds on freight per engine overhaul.

“We work to earn your business every single time!”